Marine Audio & Stereo

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

JL Audio Marine Amplifiers

All of the full-range, JL Audio Marine Amplifiers feature the company’s Absolute Symmetry™ Class A/B, dual N-Channel MOSFET amp circuits, for true Class A/B operation featuring low distortion performance and superior power symmetry significantly better than the Class B designs most often used in marine amps. The Monoblock Sub Marine Amplifiers feature JL Audio's patented Class D topology, which combines outstanding efficiency with exceptional low-frequency fidelity and control.

Continuing, Manville Smith says, “JL Audio is absolutely focused on delivering serious, performance power amplifiers for the marine environment. Our Marine Amps offer sophisticated, well-proven amp circuits derived from JL Audio’s award-winning autosound models along with impressive signal processing capabilities that make it simple to achieve world-class audio quality in any boat.”

Pass-through preamp outputs enable multi-amp setups without splitters or adaptors (except e6450M), while captive-wire, solid-brass power connectors (up to 4 AWG) and speaker connectors (up to 8 AWG) ensure contact integrity. Stainless steel fastener hardware and an all-aluminum, white powder coated chassis ensure top performance and reliable long life in the tough marine environment. Five models are available in a wide variety of power configurations that deliver impressive system-design options.

JL Audio Amplifiers
  • JL Audio e1400DM - Monoblock subwoofer amplifier using patented Class D technology; 1x240/400 watts at 4ohm/2ohm
  • JL Audio e1800DM - Monoblock subwoofer amplifier using patented Class D technology; 1x480/800 watts at 4ohm/2ohm
  • JL Audio e2150M - 2-channel full-range amplifier; 2x45/75 watts at 4ohm/2ohm,or 1x150 watts bridged at 4ohm
  • JL Audio e4300M - 4-channel full-range amplifier; 4x45/75 watts at 4ohm/2ohm,or up to 2x150 watts bridged at 4ohm
  • JL Audio e6450M - 6-channel full-range amplifier; 6x45/75 watts at 4ohm/2ohm,or up to 3x150 watts bridged at 4ohm