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Sunday, October 28, 2007

First internally waterproofed iPod Shuffle

CALIFORNIA based SWIMMAN, Inc., the originator of waterproof audio players and waterproof headphones, has created the first internally waterproofed Apple iPod Shuffle Gen 2.

“With the Apple iPod Shuffle Gen 2 combined with the Swimman Waterproofing Technology, the ability to listen to music virtually anywhere makes the iPod Gen 2 superior to all other MP3 Players - worldwide”
, says Casey Tench, Director of Public Relations for SWIMMAN, Inc.
“So far, we have met many swimmers, surfers, and aquatic sports enthusiasts all over the world, and we get the same response time and time again - They LOVE the SWIMMAN Waterproofed iPod!! And, I am proud to personally guarantee that you, too, will love it…”

SWIMMAN has used its proprietary internal waterproofing technology to make the iPod Shuffle 100% waterproof, without the need for a bulky case, or anything external that would interfere with the great look and feel of the Shuffle Gen 2. SWIMMAN has taken the very popular iPod Shuffle Gen 2 and turned it into the ultimate all-environment digital audio player. Now you can take your personal music choices to the next level and go anywhere with it.

waterproofed iPod Shuffle

Furthermore, the patented, 100% waterproof SWIMMAN Headset II sound quality is so good that it is on par with the best sound-isolating headphones on the market, such as Etymotics, Shure, and Bose. Check them out and you will see for yourself that while the others cost as much or more than the SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset, none of the others are water friendly like the SWIMMAN Waterproof Headset!

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